Getting to Know the Tanning Moisturiser

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Getting to Know the Tanning Moisturiser

Tanning Moisturiser has the opposite effect of sunscreen or sunblock. This product enhances the tanning process while keeping the skin completely hydrated to prevent drying.

Tanning Moisturiser
Tanning Moisturiser

Tanning Moisturiser cream stimulates the production of melanin which makes the skin darker. It also increases blood flow for healthier looking skin. Skin Moisturiser tanning never contains any materials that protect the skin from the sun that is why even when used indoors it allows the skin to be a little darker than before.

Aside from tanning, another major purpose of the tanning Moisturisers is to keep the skin well-hydrated. Since the tanning process can cause dehydration and possible drying of the skin in the long run, it is important that the tanning cream or lotion have the capability of a skin Moisturiser. The product should have the capability to compensate for the water loss when tanning the skin to make sure that its texture and appearance will be as good as before or even better.

Most tanning Moisturisers have less alcohol in them to prevent the evaporation of water from the skin into the air. Hempseed oil is one of the most effective ingredients used in a tanning hydrating Moisturiser. It is legally used as an ingredient as it allows creating of a thin film on the surface of the skin that locks in the moisture and prevents it from leaving the skin.

Using Tanning Moisturiser Outdoors

Since tanning Moisturisers do not contain SPF protection, they are often intended for indoor use only. Using them outdoors might have a negative effect on the skin such as over-tanning which causes the skin to darken greatly compared to what is expected. Using tanning Moisturisers outdoors can also burn your skin when exposed under the harsh rays of the sun. Thus, when using this product, it is highly recommended that you stay indoors for the entire duration the Moisturiser is applied on your skin.

If you plan to go out, use regular Moisturisers or those that have SPF protection. It is important to keep your skin protected from the sun when outdoors because it is the skin’s primary enemy. Getting too exposed to the sun’s ray has damaging effects on the skin.

Popular Tanning Moisturisers

Some of the tanning Moisturiser brands that you might want to check out are:

  1. Australian Gold Body Kisses – After Tan Moisturiser
  1. Body Drench Hemp moisturising Lotion – Daily Hydrating Lotion
  1. Breeze Posh Gorgeous Moisturiser – Anti-Wrinkle Daily Moisturiser
  1. Designer Skin Enamor – Daily moisturising Lotion
  1. Emerald Bay Dark’Til Dawn – Tan Moisturiser Lotion

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