What is a Spray Moisturiser?

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What is a Spray Moisturiser?

A spray Moisturiser is a type of body Moisturiser that you can purchase in a spray tin can or bottle unlike the regular Moisturisers available in squeeze tubes or hand-pump containers. Usually, spray Moisturiser is made for the body and there are only rare instances that you can find a spray on Moisturiser for the face. This is the case between using a Moisturiser spray for the body is more efficient that applying on this directly using your hands.

Spray Moisturiser
Spray Moisturiser

Meanwhile, it is not often used for the face because spraying is a bit inaccurate in target. Thus, spraying Moisturiser on the face can be messy and can lead to having Moisturiser on the hair.

Light Moisturisers are the ones used in spray on Moisturisers. Heavy creams are difficult to manage in a spray tin can or bottle. However, the effectiveness of the Moisturiser can still be enjoyed by applying ample amount of it on the body. Sprays usually come in either mist or mousse form.

Types of Spray Moisturiser

Here are two common types of spray on Moisturiser.

  • Spray on Moisturiser with SPF – this is the most common that you can find in the market. This is perfect for summer season and you can bring this Moisturiser in the beach. This SPF face Moisturiser does not only hydrate your skin but it creates a protection for your skin again UV rays. Therefore, applying it on your skin makes sure that the sun’s rays cannot do any damage on your skin.
  • Cooling Spray Moisturiser – this Moisturiser is used after getting exposed under the sun. This Moisturiser spray gives a soothing feel on the skin when used while it traps moisture on the skin to keep it healthy. This is best used after taking a bath to maximize its cooling effect.

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