Choosing the Right Daily Body Moisturiser

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Choosing the Right Daily Body Moisturiser

Taking care of your skin is important since it is highly exposed to allergens and other substances that can cause skin problems. Having a daily body Moisturiser that you can use to armor your skin with protection is essential to keep it healthy and youthful.

Body Moisturiser
Body Moisturiser

Skin care can be difficult especially since it involves the entire body and not merely the face or neck alone. It is important to take time to give priority to certain parts that require more attention and to find the best Moisturiser body that you can use every day.

Dry skin is common problem especially during the cold season when the air humidity is low. It is helpful to have the right body Moisturiser and apply it on your skin daily to make it smooth and supply all the time. Here are some important tips when choosing the right daily Moisturiser.

  1. Get to know body Moisturisers – there are two general categories of body Moisturisers and these are occlusives and humectants. Occlusive prevent water from evaporating from the skin while humectants penetrate the skin to increase water retention. Lanolin and petroleum jelly are the most popular occlusives. Urea and lactic acid are the popular humectants.
  1. Choose body Moisturisers that contain antioxidants – antioxidants are substances that protect the skin cells from free radicals. It has been found that they are capable of inducing cell growth which is perfect for damaged skin. It is essential that your body Moisturiser cream can prevent free radicals from penetrating the skin instead of treating the problem when it is already there.
  1. Pick the scent you really like – when getting a body Moisturiser, it is important that you buy one whose scent you actually like. Since you will be using it on a daily basis, it should be something you can wear all the time. Thus, choose a Moisturiser that suits your taste.
  1. Make sure to get a body Moisturiser that protects you from the sun – the sun is known to be the skin’s enemy so it is wise to get a daily body Moisturiser that protects you from it. Since it is inevitable to go out during daytime and be exposed from the sun, getting protection is the best thing you can do. There are certain body Moisturisers that have sunscreen in them which can protect your skin from UVA and UVB. Using a body Moisturiser with sunscreen can give you ultimate protection from sun damage.

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